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Gerard Benoit

Was sold to the French. Not stolen by the French.

Einladungen Zum 50 Geburtstag

good luck


If the rightful heir of the painting sold it to the King of France, and France paid for it, why are people saying that a painting that Leonardo died with in France belongs in Italy? It makes no sense.


@ David, maybe do your history or read the article - it was never sold to France or bought by the King. Therefore it is accepted, even by the French originally, the painting typically rests with the nationality of the original artists.


Russ it does say "Upon his death on May 2, 1519, in Amboise, France, the artist’s assistant Salaì inherited the work and sold it to France’s King Francis I for 4,000 gold coins." Which would mean it WAS sold and the King DID buy it.


Uuuh, sorry, What was that Russ?

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