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Salvatore Prisco

A few years ago I disputed a computer expert's interpretation of the smile on the Mona Lisa as a "self portrait" by Leonardo. The smile is clearly not Leonardo engaging in a self-congratulatory exercise. It
can be seen in earlier paintings such as The Virgin and Saint Ann
and was a trademark of DaVinci's presentation of the female form.
We should really try to appreciate art for art's sake and not read too
much into the artist's intentions.



I am not alone in waiting for your book, reserving a copy pre-publication months ago. It's always a pleasure reading your blog and now both of them. As an italophile who has a difficult time with language, but continues to struggle with learning italian, your blogs are a weekly treat.

Thank you for the fun of a "living" history of Italy, as I never know quite what books to pick up in the bookstores - and local libraries - here. It is easier to know what to read from the meta' del novecento than from today. Your off-hand mention of journalists and authors is helpful.

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